Name: André
Born: 19th of October 1976
Locations: Hannover / Germany
My Truck:
Name: Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
Born: 02nd of March 2004
In: Ontario / Canada
About us:
I got her in September 2004 delivered. She was the first Lightning I have
ever seen in nature. Since this day we are in love! After some weeks are
gone i´ve started searching for other european Lighting owners. It took a
while but i found one after the other. So we planned our first meeting for
May 2005 in Hannover. Hardy and Steve went more than 500 mls. (one way)
and they will join us again in 2006! It was a fantastic day on the 21st of May
2005 with these great guys and their awesome trucks.

My special Thanks to Marc - he helps me a lot with planning, videos and
website! Marc´s last sentence on the last meet: "After the meeeing is before
the meeting" ...So let the fun go on! ...and on...and on...